08 January 2011





04 July 2010

origami hands

On June 19th, I was fortunate enough to be part of a Robin Walker music festival (hopefully one of many). Out of the large handful of acts - mind you, all very talented musicians - there was one particular group that happened to stand out, giving their audience a spectacular one of a kind performance and outplaying the headlining-over-hyped-dying-to-be-Animal Collective-Beatles (circa 60s)- Candy Claws, and I hope I am not the only one with that opinion.

origami hands, birthed in Fort Collins by the talented and eclectic minds of Triance Sosa and Katie Whittle, is a group that
should be heard. These two artists combine elements of minimalism, sustained lap steel, hypnotic vocal harmonies, and genuine nature to create a soulful, nostalgic, and heart warming sound. During origami hands' set it was pleasant to see their entire crowd of 50+ youthful-trust-fund-bourgeois-hipsters was mesmerized and silent, giving their ears and undivided attention to Triance and Katie, surprising me and probably themselves with their unbiased attitude. This can only further prove that these young ladies have created GOOD music and not just music.

Through a bit of musician-to-musician haggling (the standard I'll give you my music if you give me yours), I was able to trade a couple tiny coffins/Tall City split cassettes and a tiny coffins EP CD-R for their latest release 'Oh, Goodnight'. As difficult as it may be to get your hands on one, I suggest that you try as hard as you can to do so. These two begin this LP with a powerful first track, 'Half Full,' that is a perfect introduction to their more than stellar album, and follow it with 'Bastard Child,' 'Fu-U-Su,' 'Matamores,' and others showing their instrumental diversity, and bilingual creativity.

If you're looking for a beautiful-magnetic-lullaby, then here it is. GET IT.

Laura Marling, She and Him, Jenny Lewis, Camera Obscura, Rilo Kiley, Noah and the Whale

18 May 2010


BDL-C001MD 'SPLIT LIP WHISTLES' tiny coffins (Beso De Lengua) and Tall City

Tall City and tiny coffins have been playing together and with other folk artists across the Colorado Front Range for the past year, playing in coffee shops, houses, art galleries, and hole-in-the-wall bars.

On this split cassette, Beso De Lengua's first release, these artists have compiled four songs about religion, youth, and the unconditional love of controlled substances through electronic beats, echoing auto-harp, folk/roots influences, and bedroom recordings.

On May 22nd 2010 at 8PM, tiny coffins will be releasing 'SPLIT LIP WHISTLES' on cassette at Rubbish Art Gallery in a performance with Goodnight Stranger, Katey Sleeveless, and The Ghost of Michael Clark.

The cassette will be available for a 3-5$ donation at the show and, until further updates, can be purchased directly from Jesse Rozell (tiny coffins) and Christopher Bullock (Tall City). Don't have a tape player? No worries. The cassette comes with a FREE digital download.

Keep an eye out this summer for additional Beso De Lengua releases from PUMPKIN, Savannah Smith, tiny coffins, DIRTY DIVES, and others.

Lmtd 100

Jay Jay Pistolet, Joanna Newsom, Tom Waits, Ferraby Lionheart, Casiotone For the Painfully Alone

02 April 2010

Tall City

There is a fine line separating insanity and genius, though I do not know where we will find Chris Bullock.

Initially, I could not find any reason to listen to more than 20 seconds of Colorado Springs'/Manitou Springs' Tall City. That was two years ago, what can I say? I was naive.

His monotone vocal delivery, seemingly repetitive chord progressions and strumming patterns, and deceptively brash lyrics, undoubtedly alienate some of Tall City's unsuspecting listeners. It should come to no surprise that he is notorious for clearing a room, including the headlining artist. Though, if Riskay can sing about 'smelling dick' and draw a crowd, then Chris should surely be able to sing blasphemes prose about Mother Mary without losing his audience.

If his magical autoharp is just too much for you, try sampling his tracks 'Soft Sunlight,' 'Headlights in the Driveway,' or 'Motel Room Mirror,' where Chris creates an interesting fusion with electronic sounds and beats and his urban-cowboy poetics. If you have never heard any electronic-western-folk-pop before then here's your chance.

But if you can't find yourself tapping a toe, nodding your head, or doing an artsy interpretative dance, do not fret - you are not alone; Tall City creates many love/hate relationships with his audience. Though, maybe you should, because chances are you listen to Chris Brown and Lil' Wayne, or Justin Bieber and Miley Cyrus.

Having had the pleasure of playing with Tall City several times at various venues in the downtown area, I must say that I never fail to imagine myself sitting at a camp fire, with a can of beans, in Wyoming, listening to coyotes howl and the echo-ing strum of an autoharp.

Casiotone For the Painfully Alone, Bright Eyes, WHY?, Joanna Newsom, The Robot Ate Me


Paleo, the moniker of David Strackany - a folk musician who has no home, travels America writing and playing songs, and has for a very long time. I was lucky enough to catch him in Colorado Springs at The Piano Warehouse on April 1st.

Strackany, credited with writing and recording a song every day for a year (you can download all 365 tracks from his website), was very pleasant and modest in person. He started his set out by having everyone in the room sit behind a piano and play a note in the key of F for the entirety of his first song.

As his set progressed, it was easy to see that this man was an accomplished guitar player. He also had an amazing voice, comparable to new-folk/freak folk artist
Devendra Banhart and former Clap Your Hands Say Yeah frontman Alec Ounsworth.

His performance had an astonishing amount of creativity surrounding the lyrics and music that presented story after story and feeling after feeling to his audience.

Check out his website with his chronological song diary or his MySpace page if you're looking to get a sample of his music, and if he's ever running through your town make sure you stop, listen, and give him some gas money.